Groups Endorsing George Flint

Texas Right to Life Endorsement
Texas Home School Coalition Association Endorsement
Texas Values Action Endorsement
Texans for Courageous Courts Endorsement
Patriot Texas Conservative Activists Endorsement
DFW PAC Endorsement
Collin County Conservative Republicans
US Impact Endorsement

Elected Officials Endorsing George Flint

Ken Paxton

Texas Attorney General

Sen. Angela Paxton

TX State Senator – SD8

REP. Justin Holland

TX State Representative – HD33

REP. Matt Shaheen

TX State Representative – HD66

REP. Jeff Leach

TX State Representative – HD67

REP. Scott Sanford

TX State Representative – HD70

REP. Candy Noble

TX State Representative – HD89

Judge Chris Hill

Collin County Judge

Police Associations Endorsing George Flint

Dallas Police Association Endorsement
Frisco Police Association Endorsement
McKinney Police Association Endorsement
Richardson Police Association Endorsement

“George is a proven conservative who has worked with me on cases defending our Constitution for decades. I wholeheartedly support him.”

– Kelly Shackelford, President/CEO First Liberty Institute**
** group name used for identification purposes only.

“Texans for Courageous Courts is proud to endorse George Flint for the 401st District Court of Collin County. George has a long track record as a grassroots leader in Collin County. He recently led the Republican Party there as county party chairman and he enjoys widespread support from the grassroots. An experienced attorney, George is committed to promoting and upholding the rule of law. As a judge, he will welcome accountability from voters and will have the courage to ensure his court promotes justice for all litigants.”

– Tony McDonald, General Counsel, Texans for Courageous Courts

“George Flint shows respect and empathy, while enforcing the rule of law. He has 39 years of legal experience and proven conservative principles. George will be truthful & fair on the bench.”

– Lori Loftin, Patriot Texas & Conservative Activist

“I have known George for over 30 years, first as my next door neighbor, then as my attorney, then as the attorney for the Collin County Republican Party, and then as Chairman. I know him to be a man of integrity, good moral character, good for his word, and conservative in thought and action. He represents the best in the Republican Party and will be an excellent judge who follows the rule of law. I trust him and you should to. Please vote for him for Judge of the 401st District Court.”

– Hon. Fred Moses, Collin College Trustee

“George is a very competent attorney with strong conservative values. He is a faithful servant to his church and the Collin County Republican Party. I am honored to endorse George Flint for district judgeship.”

– Hon. Lily Bao, Plano City Councilwoman – Place 7

“In the years I’ve know George Flint, he has consistently demonstrated himself to be thoughtful and fair-minded, always giving full priority to order and the rule of law, which are paramount for a judge. Without the rule of law, everything else in our society breaks down, so I endorse George Flint for Judge of the 401st District Court.”

– Hon. Shelby Williams, Plano City Councilman – Place 5

“I met George Flint as an adverse lawyer many years ago. I found him then (and I still find him now) to be (a) knowledgeable about the law, (b) a person of calm and professional demeanor, and (c) a person of VERY high moral character. I wholeheartedly endorse him for the position of Judge.”

– Jeff Travis (attorney)

“We need lawyers with a broad range of experience being elected and appointed as Judges in our District Courts. Because the Court hears many area of law, having someone like George Flint with a diverse legal background should be important to all residents of Collin County. I endorse George based on his legal knowledge, diverse legal background, and conservative principles.”

– Dale Rose (attorney)

“George has been my trusted adviser, corporate General Counsel for over 25 years. George is straightforward, honest and a learned conservative. George will follow the law and a considerate compassionate Judge. I wholeheartedly endorse my friend George Flint.”

– David A. Cunningham

“George tackles everything he does with strong purpose and great intention. He is experienced, knowledgeable and a man of great character. He makes decisions and takes action with honesty and integrity as his guiding light. I would urge everyone to vote for George; as we need more individuals like him willing to serve the residents of this district.”

– Michael Barnes (businessman)

“I have known George for several years and find him to be a very fair, hardworking man and attorney. We need judges with stellar personal, professional and family values making these decisions in our society.”

– Peggy Ostrander

“George is an extremely thoughtful and fair person. He is exactly what is needed on the bench.”

– Richard Smith

“George, thanks for being a supportive friend from the beginning of my arrival to Texas. I am proud to call you a friend and I am even more proud to support your campaign. You will represent our community and people well as a judge.”

– Ronnie Spellman

“George has worked tirelessly for the citizens of Collin County. It is a privilege to support him in his bid to become a District Judge for use! He will do a wonderful job!”

– Jim & Lynn McCoy

“George Flint has devoted his professional life to serving people with integrity and fair treatment. His experience in life as well as in law have prepared George to preside with balance and wisdom.”

– Steve Goff

“You will be a terrific judge. You know the law, you are impartial and fair!!”

– Georgina Fousek

“I have known George Flint for over 30 years both personally and professionally. I believe he is eminently qualified for the 401 st Judicial District Court and will be an incredible asset to the citizens of Collin County.”

– Chad Witmeyer

“You have my endorsement as Chair for Pct. 67 in Collin County. Your dedication to the Collin County GOP has earned CCGOP great accolades, most of which originate from those who worked side by side with you these past years. However, our results are recognized state-wide due to your vision, leadership and energy. I am proud to endorse you in your run for the 401 st Judicial District Court.”

– Pat Greer, Precinct Chair, Pct. 67

“Collin County would benefit from electing George Flint as a judge; I have known him to be steady-handed and fair.”

– Cathie Alexander

“George has been my corporate and personal attorney for nearly 30 years. He has always served my business and personal interests with skill and integrity. Over time, I have been amazed at what he has been able to accomplish on my behalf with his insightful analytical skills and a tendency to go the extra mile, turning over one or two more rocks revealing information that opposing counsel didn’t think to look for. He has always been and will continue to be a valuable asset in any professional context.”

– David Loomis, Businessman

“I fully support George Flint for District Judge in Collin County District Court 401. I have known George for years and watched his success while serving as Chair of the Collin County party. His wisdom, knowledge, and experience is unmatched in this race. I ask you to join me in full support of George.”

– Stan Sewell, Former Carrollton City Councilman

“George Flint is equipped with the knowledge, character, and commitment to apply the law evenly in all cases. He is a patriotic American and supports the Constitution as it was written. George Flint will protect the rights of individuals and is a man we can trust.”

– Tracy Hancock, Past President of Golden Corridor Republican Women

“George Flint has the experience, integrity and character to be an excellent judge for the 401st. I urge you to support him. Vote for George Flint.”

– Charlie O’Reilly, Conservative and Collin County Businessman

“George is a serious and very articulate servant leader who I believe will bring order and respect to any court he oversees. I proudly endorse George Flint for Judge of the 401st District Court.”

– Charles Christian, Former Precinct & HD Chair

“George Flint is the most qualified and experienced candidate for Judge of the 401st Judicial District Court. I know his commitment to the rule of law and the Constitution, and I therefore endorse him for Judge.”

– Douglas S. Lang

Campaign Co-Chairs

Honorable Fred Moses
John Myers
Charlie O’Reilly, Jr.


Hon. Cathie Adams and Dr. Homer Adams
Mary Kaye Adams
Sharron Albertson
Cynthia Alcantara
Kenneth Alcosiba
Cathie Alexander
Gary Andersen
Hon. Lily Bao
Janice Berg
George Berish
B.J. & Cathy Bjorklund
Suzanne Blackstone
Bill Blake
James J.B. Blocker
Dan & Dotty Bollner
Juanita Bourgault
Suzanne Boyd-Chapman
James Braswell
Gregory Brewer
Susan Bushey
Robert Canright
Beth Carruth
Don Carter
Charles Christian
Cathy Colvin
Ken Corniello
B.J. Correu
Brian Davies
Loneta Decker
Deidra Dennis
Sue Denson
John and Lené Alley DeRudder
Marvelle Ditto
Hon. Robert Driegert
Hon. Gary Edwards
Saul Escobar
James & Michelle Ferrer
Charles Fife
Georgina Fousek
Sam Fritcher
Jeff Gamache
Al and Brenda Gaydos
Akman Gazi
Abraham George
Sharon Gillespie
Steve Goff
Xinyi Gong
Randy and Patricia Groce
Jeff and Leslie Gullo
Ashley Haden
Jeff Hall
John & Tracy Hancock
Paul Hendricks
David Hill
Elle Holland
Jean Howard
Paul Huang
Ken and Julie Huck
Ravi Jain
Anna Janis
Hon. John Keating
Bill Knight
David Loomis
Angelo & Cleo Marchese
Tom McElhenny
George McClure
Jim & Lynn McCoy
Michael McCusker
Rosemarie Meintel
Naveen Mudaliar
Fred & Janis Nasseri
Michael Nelson
George & Peggy Ostrander
Hon. Angela Powell
Hon. Anthony & Liesl Ricciardelli
Jim Richardson
James Richmond
Brenda Riegler
Karen Rodríquez
Susan Rosenbluth
Howard Powers
Hon. Scott Sanford
Hon. Chris Schulmeister
Sherry E. Schwarz
Brad & Gail Seiler
Ken Self
Hon. Stan & Carol Sewell
Hon. Ron Simmons
Suzanne Sliva
Linda Smith
Hon. Rick Smith
Ronnie Spellman
Sampath Srivatsan
Mike Sterlacci
Deborah Stewart
Don Stewart
Carol Stone
Virginia Sturm
Edward Tamm
Skyler Taylor
Guy Torey
Suzanne Veal
Iva Warren
Betty Westbrook
Leigh Westergaard
Hon. Shelby Williams
Chad Witmeyer
Mark Woita
Mitchell Wu
Brian Ye

Republican Precinct Chair Endorsements

Paul Frueh (Pct. 4) (New Hope)
Deidra Dennis (Pct. 5) (Allen)
Zodie Christakos (Pct. 7) (Allen)
Brian Gallimore (Pct. 9) (Princeton)
Valerie Herrington (Pct. 19) (Plano)
Maria Garcia (Pct. 21) (Plano)
Philip Ferguson (Pct. 22) (Celina)
JB Owen (Pct. 30) (Frisco)
Ed and Myrna Acklin (Pct. 31) (Plano)
Sandra Halsey (Pct. 32) (Plano)
Gary Kruse (Pct. 33) (Royce City)
Hon. Lily Bao (Pct. 34) (Plano) (previous)
Robert Canright (Pct. 34) (Plano) (current)
Gina O'Briant (Pct. 36) (Dallas)
David Cornette (Pct. 40) (Allen)
Tim McCord (Pct. 41) (Wylie)
John Paulson (Pct. 47) (Plano)
Karl Voigtsberger (Pct. 48) (Richardson)
Keven Underwood (Pct. 52) (Plano)
Denise Midgley (Pct. 53) (Plano)
Damian Ogoke (Pct. 54) (Plano)
Arthur Young (Pct. 62) (Plano)
John Myers (Pct. 64) (Plano)
Pat Greer (Pct. 67) (Plano)
Daniel Long (Pct. 68) (Plano)
Terry Wade (Pct. 69) (Plano)
Gail Seiler (Pct. 71) (Plano)
Matthew Dixon (Pct. 75) (Plano)
Colleen Aguilar-Epstein (Pct. 76) (Plano)
Rohit Joy (Pct. 77) (Plano)
Christine Vorderbruggen (Pct. 82) (Allen)
Suresh Kumar (Pct. 87) (Frisco)
Debbie Bonenberger (Pct. 235) (Plano)
David Gamble (Pct. 90) (Plano)
Eric Hall (Pct. 92) (Frisco)
Ronald Boyd (Pct. 95) (Allen)
Jimmy Stewart (Pct. 96) (McKinney)
Randy Johnson (Pct. 105) (Plano)
Vicki Myers (Pct. 108) (Plano)
Shelby Williams (Pct. 109) (Plano) (previous)
George Berish (Pct. 109) (Plano) (current)
Jason Langford (Pct. 110) (Richardson)
Keith Webb (Pct. 112) (Plano)
Linda Block (Pct. 115) (Dallas)
Joanie Pikl (Pct. 122) (McKinney)
Sharon Bradshaw (Pct. 123) (Plano)
Jeff Cassels (Pct. 124) (Plano)
Richard Freisberg (Pct. 127) (Frisco)
James Richardson (Pct. 129) (McKinney)
Melissa Spence (Pct. 130) (Allen)
Brent Harvey (Pct. 132) (Dallas)
Thomas Klein (Pct. 140) (McKinney)
Maggie Whitt (Pct. 144) (Murphy)
Wendell Brock (Pct. 149) (McKinney)
Preston Angorin (Pct. 151) (Allen)
Sebrena Kimberly (Pct. 156) (McKinney)
Joan Konkel (Pct. 158) (Plano)
Robert Chambers (Pct. 164) (Dallas)
Dr. Homer Adams (Pct. 165) (Parker) (previous)
David Burson (Pct. 168) (Allen)
Stephen Kallas (Pct. 169) (McKinney)
Dianna Biscan (Pct. 176) (Plano)
Howard Akin (Pct. 177) (Frisco)
Kathi-Ann Rivard (Pct. 178) (Prosper)
Brett Baldwin (Pct. 197) (Plano)
Carroll Maxwell (Pct. 203) (McKinney)
John Heisner (Pct. 206) (McKinney)
Tracy Thomas (Pct. 207) (McKinney)
Byron Henry (Pct. 214) (Prosper)
Joseph Boduch (Pct. 220) (Frisco)
Greg Wright (Pct. 222) (Allen)
Kimberly Armstrong (Pct. 233) (Wylie)


Kathi-Ann Rivard
James Ambery
David Bird
Eugene Gibbons
Ken Goldberg
Robert Canright
Bunni Pounds
Abraham George
Mark Lambert
David & D’Lissa Cunningham
Walker Young
Randal Carter
Jim & Sharon Fox
Steve Goff
Keith Webb
Thomas Ford
Israel Suster
Jeff Travis
Diane Tingle
Vickie Costa
Michael Barnes
Pat Greer
Richard Armstrong
Bryan Haynes
Carlisle Braun
Colleen Epstein
Edward Tamm
Robert Chambers
John Myers
C. Glyn King
C. John Scheef, III
Ron Simmons
Robert Zaegel
Maggie Whitt
Paul Huang
B.J. Correu
Chris Bingham

Attorney and Law Firm Endorsements

Hon. Jim A. Moseley
Partner, Gray Reed

Hon. Clyde M. Siebman
Siebman, Forrest LLP

Hon. Douglas S. Lang
Of Counsel, Dorsey

Scheef & Stone, LLP
C. John Scheef, III
William (Bill) Stone
Byron Henry
Mark Hill
Leslie Sanderson
Matt Bracy
Carlisle Braun
Jennifer Withrow
Julia Daneshfar
T. Chase Garrett
Bryan Haynes
Kelly Kleist
Mitch Little
Brandi McKay
Jeff Mullins
Patrick Schurr
Justin Simmons
Walker Young

Joseph A. Barbknecht,
The Barbknecht Law Firm, P. C.

David E. Bird,
Of Counsel, Bohach Law Group, P.C.

Natalie Gregg,
The Law Office of Natalie Gregg

Jason K. Burress
Burress Law Firm

Christopher D. Kratovil

Lené Alley DeRudder
Calabrese Budner, LLP

Richard Armstrong
Armstrong, The Law Firm, P.C.

George A. “Tony” Mallers
Partner, Cowles & Thompson, P.C.

Jim Mosser
The Mosser Law Firm

Israel L. Suster
The Suster Law Group, PLLC

Mark Lambert
The Lambert Law Firm, P.C.

Rex L. Hogue
Haiman Hogue, PLLC

Tom Cowart
The Lenahan Law Firm

KoonsFuller, P.C.
Rick Robertson
Brian Loughmiller
Neda Garrett
Hon. Cynthia Figueroa
The Figueroa Law Firm
Keith Webb

Fisk Attorneys
Chrysti Bryant
Law Office of Chrysti Bryant

Thomas Ford
Law Office of Thomas Ford

Dale R. Rose
Dale R. Rose, PLLC

Jeff Travis
Travis Law Group

Richard Abernathy
Abernathy, Roeder, Boyd & Hullett, PC

Curtis Harden
Murphy & Harden, PC

Wm. Randell Johnson
Law Office of Wm. Randell Johnson

Court D. Smith
Plunk Smith, PLLC

Charles Fife, III

Gregory Brewer

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